Finding a Truck Driving School and Getting Your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Has Never Been Easier!

CDL Training Guide's comprehensive directory of truck driving schools and CDL training facilities in the U.S. helps student drivers find the best training and prepare for a successful professional truck driving career. With a nationwide demand to fill a critical shortage in the supply chain, commercial truck driving opportunities have never been better.

CDL Training Guide understands the importance of finding the best truck driving school, therefore we have provided an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of CDL training facilities, along with other relevant information about each school, so you may make the best choice when selecting a CDL school near you. CDL Training Guide's easy to use search functionality allows you to search schools by location (zip code and state) and school type, and all schools can be contacted by phone or email directly from

Not all CDL schools are created equal, so when selecting a school that is best for you, choose your school wisely. Consider factors that best fits your situation and needs, such as

  • When courses are offered, such as during the day, evenings or weekends
  • Class size and acceptance rates
  • Length of program, such as shorter and streamlined programs when needed
  • Classroom vs hands-on instruction behind the wheel training that reflect real-world work driving conditions
  • Externships and job placement opportunities with trucking carriers
  • Financial assistance available

Learn more in our guide discussing the Six Things to Consider When Selecting a CDL Training Facility.

CDL Training Guide's truck driving school directory includes the following types of CDL schools:

  1. Company sponsored schools - CDL training facilities offered by carriers where the student attends the school at minimal or no cost in exchange for a commitment to drive for that carrier for a period of time upon completing the training.
  2. Independent schools - privately owned CDL training facilities where tuition is paid by the students. These schools tend to be more expensive although loans or other financial assistance may be available. The majority of CDL training facilities are independently owned, therefore these schools are often the closest options
  3. Community colleges and trade schools - many local educational institutions offer high quality and low cost CDL training. Many are members of the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools (NAPFTDS) which promotes public education for the trucking industry.

CDL Training Guide wishes you the best with your CDL driving school selection process, your CDL training and your career as a professional truck driver. For additional information on the steps needed to get your CDL, watch this video.

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