Finding a Carrier Paid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training Program May Be the Best Option for You!

As a result of the continued demand for long haul truck drivers, trucking companies compete to recruit and retain drivers, often offering company paid CDL training programs which create great career opportunities even for people with no prior experience.

When it comes to paid training programs, trucking companies either run their own truck driving schools or partner with independent schools to train new drivers. In either case, the main objective for the driver is to pass their test to secure their CDL.

CDL Training Guide has provided a listing of schools from its comprehensive directory that provide company paid CDL training programs, along with relevant information about each school, so you may make the best choice when selecting a company paid CDL program near you. CDL Training Guide's easy to use search functionality allows you to search schools by location (zip code and state) and school type, and all schools can be contacted by phone or email directly from

Not all company paid CDL training programs are the same, so when selecting a carrier sponsored school that is best for you, choose your school wisely. Since you are obligated to work for the sponsoring company for at least some time period after your training is completed, you should sufficiently research your options and make sure you want to work for the trucking company in advance of starting your company paid training program.

For guidance on attending a company paid CDL training program versus an independent school or community college, read Pros and Cons of Carrier Paid CDL Training Programs.

CDL Training Guide wishes you the best with your CDL driving school selection process, your CDL training and your career as a professional truck driver. For additional information on the steps needed to get your CDL, watch this video.

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